Strategic planning & Business Development

You need more than just a good idea to achieve the success you want in a market as highly competitive as New York.

You’ll need a plan, and a partner.

Expect challenges, anticipate opportunities

Urban’s strategic planning services draw on decades of experience that includes advising some of New York’s leading elected officials – city and statewide – as well as major influential companies.

Urban Strategies helps clients anticipate opportunities for growth, and positions them to be able to strike when those opportunities arise. The firm also protects clients by identifying potential challenges and developing early mitigation strategies.

Prepare with proven processes

Urban works directly with client principals to evaluate your firm’s strategy and improve ineffective processes to place your firm on the path to success.

Risk mitigation strategies created by Urban have a proven track record of success. While national and multinational companies get bogged down using their “tried-and-true” national approaches against New York’s local challenges, clients that work with Urban get prepared for the fights and challenges ahead.

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 Technology & Startups

Growing a business is never easy. Making it happen in New York can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Urban Strategies works directly with your leadership team to design go-to-market, market entry, and expansion plans for businesses and organizations in New York’s unique business and cultural environment.

Build your path to growth with the best network

When you take on the challenge of being a true New York-focused business, start-up, or organization of any type, size, or style, you need the right resources, network, and partners. Urban Strategies can guide you through a lot of the risks, help you handle the obstacles, and work to ensure you have as clear a path to success that you can have.

Deeper partnerships for sustainable success

Urban can also develop and help you implement strategies for public-private partnerships. Business of all sizes, and especially the rapidly growing start-up ecosystem in New York City and around the state, are much better off when they partner with the communities they grow in. Whether capital acquisition strategies, coordination with community groups, or the development of growth-oriented initiatives, Urban Strategies is uniquely positioned to build the best partnerships for growing businesses.

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 Government Affairs & Lobbying

New York is a political place, and even the largest multinationals quickly learn that all roads lead to Albany, City Hall, Mineola and Hauppauge.

Build partners in the public sector

During a thirty-year career in and around the public sector, Urban founder Mike Klein has worked in all four places. Mike and the Urban team have worked on initiatives with the Governor’s Office, possess longtime relationships with members on all sides of the State Legislature and across the City apparatus, and have deep ties to Long Island leaders. We are skilled in nurturing client relationships with key leaders, advocating for new projects, and navigating the regulatory process.

Create communities in coalitions

But for clients with game-changing initiatives, traditional government affairs services are not enough. Our founder, Mike Klein, understands the rich mosaic of public, private, and community interest groups that power New York. With unique insight into what drives the city and contacts across the five boroughs, Mike can work with the core leadership team of a client’s organization and help them build diverse coalitions that provide a foundation for success now and in the future.

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 Nonprofit & Advocacy Campaigns

If you don’t get your word out, you can’t succeed. If you don’t get communities on your side, you won’t win in the market.

Experienced discipline that achieves results

In the complex and ever-changing New York landscape, Urban Strategies provides clients with the expertise created from winning widespread support for diverse causes. The discipline, the creativity, and the ability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances, news, and always-on media markets that are crucial to strong campaigns are hallmarks of Urban’s proven approach to promoting client initiatives.

Winning strategies within demanding timelines

The team and our founder’s personal histories in government and in the private sector drive home that dedication to powerful, winning advocacy. From leading the Parks 2001 campaign for public parks that took the city by storm and movements for wellness in public schools, to efforts on behalf of Governors Island, Fire Island, and every community in between, no one understands better how to assemble sophisticated campaigns that build awareness and rally widespread support for a client’s cause.

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