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When you partner with Urban Strategies, we build a team that makes change happen. We strive to understand the real value you’re trying to achieve. We fill the gaps with the best minds to augment your team. Mike Klein founded Urban Strategies with the vision of a new kind of boutique public affairs firm that helps civic-minded clients from the private sector achieve success in the public arena.

Our primary goal is to offer clients a total, complete, and comprehensive awareness of New York’s climate, whether the business climate, the cultural climate, or the political climate, and more. Things move quickly and small changes can mean a big difference, so it is our commitment to make sure you have a partner who can see you through to your goal.

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Public Safety

The Urban Team works to elevate and socialize best practices that are drawn from a wide range of sources, from successful community-based strategies and local government innovation to some of the most sophisticated investigative and tactical efforts deployed by the military and intelligence communities. Technology and innovation are fundamental components to this strategic and outcomes-based practice.

Public Policy, Government Affairs, and Lobbying

With unique insight into what drives New York we can work with the core leadership team of a client’s organization and help them build diverse coalitions that provide a foundation for success now and in the future. We are experts in building partners in the public sector. We have worked on initiatives with the Governor’s Office, possess longtime relationships with members on all sides of the State Legislature and across the City apparatus. We have deep ties to Long Island leaders. We are skilled in nurturing client relationships with key leaders, advocating for new projects, and navigating the regulatory process.

Strategic Plannning & Business Development

Our decades of experience in strategic planning & business development includes advising some of New York’s leading elected officials as well as major influential companies. We help clients anticipate opportunities for growth and position them to succeed. Our commitment to partner with our clients allows us to evaluate and ultimately improve our client’s strategy.

Nonprofits & Advocacy Campaigns

We provide our clients with the expertise created from winning widespread support for diverse causes. From leading the Parks 2001 campaign for public parks, to efforts on behalf of Governors Island and Fire Island. Our goals is for our clients to better understand how to assemble sophisticated campaigns that build awareness and rally widespread support from residents, elected officials, community groups and businesses.

Technology & Start-ups

Our partnered relationship with our clients is designed to navigate the difficulties of expanding a business. We guide our clients through risks, obstacles and ensure our clients have a clear path of success. We develop and implement strategies for public-private partnerships. Businesses of all sizes, especially the rapidly growing start-up ecosystem in New York, are at a significant advantage if they connect and partner with their community. We are uniquely positioned to build the best partnerships for growing businesses, whether its capital acquisition strategies, coordination with community groups, or the development of growth-oriented initiatives.